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Towards a Better Autism Phenotype

Neuropathology of Autism
Margaret Bauman, M.D., Harvard Medical School

Genes and Behavior: Genes and Behavior in Congenic Mice 
Lorraine Flaherty, Ph.D., Wadsworth Institute

Lateralization and Language Functions in the Brain

Albert Galaburda, M.D., Harvard Medical School

Modifying Genes and CNS Structure
Karl Herrup, Ph.D., Case Western Reserve School of Medicine

Neurophysiology of the Auditory Cortex in Autistic Children 
Katherine Martien, M.D., Massachusetts General Hospital

Phenomic Analysis of the Dentate Gyrus: Exploiting Inbred Strains of Mice to Understand Individual Differences in the Human Brain
Richard Nowakowski, Ph.D., UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School


The NLM Family Foundation, Chestnut Hill, MA