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Sponsored Books

Biklen, D., Attfield, R., Bissonnette, L., Blackman, L., Burke, J., & Frugone, A. (2005). Autism and the Myth of the Person Alone. New York : NYU Press.

The Foundation supported Dr. Biklen in his efforts to collect autobiographical accounts from people with autism who had been previously considered low functioning but now communicate fluently and some even independently with use of FC.  In this book, Doug Biklen incorporates autobiographical accounts of seven individuals with autism to provide the audience with personalized insights into what it is truly like to live with an autism spectrum disorder.

Holstege, G., Bandler, R., Saper, C.B. (Eds.) (1996). The Emotional Motor System. Progress in Brain Research Vol. 107. New York : Elsevier.

The NLM Family Foundation supported a symposium entitled, “The Emotional Motor System”, organized by Gert Holstege ( Rijksuniversiteit Groningen Medical School ), Richard Bandler (University of Sydney, Australia ) and Clifford Saper (Department of Neurology, Harvard Medical School/Beth Israel Hospital, Boston, USA ). The symposium, which was held April 24-29, 1994 on the Island of Schiermonnikoog in The Netherlands, was organized in the framework of the 380 th birthday of the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen. This book, based on this symposium, is a compilation of papers which focus on the emotional motor system.