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Sponsored Films

“Autism Is A World”

The NLM Family Foundation supported the production of Oscar-nominated documentary film, “Autism Is A World”, written by Sue Rubin and produced and directed by Gerardine Wurzburg. The film, narrated by Julianna Margulies, provides a unique and candid look into the world of autism through the eyes of Sue Rubin, a 26-year old Los Angeles woman diagnosed with autism at age four. Rubin was considered to be mentally retarded until the age of 13, when she successfully began using facilitated communication as a step towards independent communication. Written by Rubin herself, the 40-minute film details her innermost thoughts regarding her daily experiences of living with autism, her relationships with others, and her perceptions of self. Throughout the film, Rubin provides insight into the challenges of being an individual, disabilities-rights activist, and college student living with autism. The film was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Short Subject by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. This film aired on May 22, 2005 at 8:00 pm EST on CNN Presents.

For more information about and to purchase a copy of “Autism Is A World”, please visit

“Autism Is A World” is now available at public libraries throughout the United States.

“D-Termined Program of Repetitive Tasking and Familiarization in Dentistry”

The NLM Family Foundation funded the production of a DVD presentation for dental professionals who provide care for people with autistic disorders. The presentation is a training tool intended to instruct dental professionals in the “D-Termined Dental Program of Repetitive Tasking and Familiarization in Dentistry”. Because of their difficulties in communication, heightened sensitivity to, reactivity to, and fear of stimuli in the dental environment, individuals with autism are often unable to receive proper dental care without sedation in an environment with which they are comfortable. Dr. David Tesini has developed the D-Termined Program, a behavior management approach to dentistry, which has proven successful in his practice with children with developmental disabilities. It is hoped that with this special technique, more individuals with autism will be able to receive appropriate dental treatment without sedation.

To order a copy of the “D-Termined Program of Repetitive Tasking and Familiarization in Dentistry”, please visit the web site of Specialized Care Company.

For a full transcript, please click here:
D-Termined Dental Care Program Transcript

“Voices of Vision: Quality of Life for People with Disabilities: Equity, Opportunity and Inclusion”

Voices of Vision is a documentary series which profiles the people and organizations whose leadership efforts are making a significant impact on a variety of human challenges and issues. Each 30-minute episode explores the challenges of non-profit groups tackling issues as diverse as human rights, developmental disabilities, and childhood cancer.

The NLM Family Foundation funded an episode entitled, “Quality of Life for People with Disabilities: Equity, Opportunity , and Inclusion” , which featured the organization, TASH, an international association of people with disabilities . The program detailed the experiences of three young individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. TASH supports the inclusion and full participation of individuals with disabilities in all aspects of their communities as determined by personalized visions of quality of life.

To purchase a copy of the “Voices of Vision: Quality of Life for People with Disabilities: Equity, Opportunity and Inclusion” in either VHS or DVD format, please visit the TASH website.