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Updating the “D-Termined Program of Repetitive Tasking and Familiarization in Dentistry”  Training Video

The D-Termined Program of Repetitive Tasking and Familiarization in Dentistry (DTP) is a training program for dentists, first published in 2004 with grant funding from the NLM Family Foundation. The purpose of this grant was to  bring this training video and program material up to date. This unique program provides dental professionals with a dedicated approach to helping patients with autism to go beyond the strange noises, lights and odors of a dental office, to arrive at a point of accepting dental services with no special supports. This program is based on the philosophies and experiences of Dr. David Tesini in his private dental practice. Over a period of years, Dr. Tesini had worked with children with autism who exhibited unsafe behavior when a dental appointment was attempted. Dr. Tesini developed a system for gradually introducing these children to the expectations of a dental visit, such that after a period of time, a significant percentage of the children were successfully treated in the normal dental office. These success stories were documented on video and became the basis for teaching others the techniques that he developed. Dr. Tesini’s approach was made into a DVD program for other dental professionals, and was also published on YouTube. Based on the testimonials of academics and private practitioners, DTP has been successful in encouraging other dental professionals to open their practices to children with ASD.