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The 25th Rodin Remediation Academy Conference – “Neural Basis of Skill Acquisition, Reading, and Dyslexia.” 

The Foundation provided support for the 25th Rodin Remediation Conference held at the Georgetown University Medical Center in Washington, DC on October 18-20, 2006. The purpose of the Rodin Remediation Academy Conference was to create a multidisciplinary forum for the dissemination of recent scientific discoveries regarding the etiology and treatment of dyslexia. The meeting brought together the world’s experts on dyslexia, prominent scientists from related disciplines, as well as students, teachers, parents, and physicians interested in the remediation of developmental disorders. A primary aim of the conference was to play a crucial role in the development of a new generation of scientists who will go on to pursue research in dyslexia and related fields. The conference, entitled “Neural Basis of Skill Acquisition, Reading , and Dyslexia,” emphasized the role of skill acquisition and learning, a rapidly developing field of neuroscience research, which provides a useful perspective for the study of reading. The program consisted of lectures given by leading neuroscientists and experts in research on developmental dyslexia. Additionally, poster presentations provided a venue for less formal interactions and the participation of both junior and senior researchers, and the Norman Geschwind-Rodin Prize was presented at an awards ceremony during the conference.