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Joy of Golf: Free, accessible golf clinics for adults with autism

With support from the NLM Family Foundation, Golf for All offers instructional golf clinics for adults with autism and adult golfers with other disabilities. The program provides an inclusive social and recreational environment for adults (age 35+) with autism, building self-esteem and confidence and promoting independence.

The clinic serves the full range of the autism spectrum including people with Asperger Syndrome, people who are non-verbal, and people with limited mobility who use wheelchairs or adaptive vehicles. Reflecting GFA’s commitment to inclusion, the program mixes golfers with autism along with golfers who have Down syndrome and other developmental disabilities.

Golf instruction is tailored to suit the specific needs of each participant and is taught by PGA professionals who have successfully completed a certification process for teaching golfers with adaptive needs. Putting exercises are set up for success through the use of special protocols.