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Boston Health Care for the Homeless COVID-19 Response Fund

People experiencing homelessness are extraordinarily vulnerable to viruses such as COVID-19, and given the crowded conditions in which they live, transmission of the illness can happen quickly.  The medical leadership at Boston Health Care for the Homeless has been working thoughtfully, diligently, and continuously with its shelter partners, hospitals, the City, and the State to lead and undertake a comprehensive and multi-faceted response to COVID-19 for its homeless patients during the pandemic.

The NLM Family Foundation made a grant to the Boston Health Care for the Homeless Covid-19 Response Fund to help with the unexpected expenses needed to respond to this unprecedented public health crisis and to support their efforts to provide the highest quality health care to its patients. Given the Nancy Lurie Marks Family Foundation’s focus on helping individuals with autism, our hope is that a portion of this grant will be directed to initiatives that will ensure that individuals with autism and their families have access to care and resources that will help them navigate this crisis.