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"Autism Is A World" (Clip 2)  

“Autism Is A World” – Clip 2 Transcript

Old photographs of Sue Rubin as a child are shown.

Rita Rubin (Sue’s mother): When Sue was four, we took her to UCLA and I asked the doctor there, she was actually a psychologist, if Sue could have autistic tendencies. And so she watched Sue play and observed her and then she said, “Forget about the tendencies. She’s really autistic.”

Sue’s written evaluations are shown with a focus on the words, “diagnosis of the syndrome of autism.” More old photographs of Sue as a child are shown.

Rita Rubin: We knew that she would be retarded. And we knew we didn’t want her in an institution. And we knew that she would be educated in special day classes with other people with severe handicaps. And we knew that if she got a job when she was an adult, it would be something like cleaning tables off or something like that, that retarded people do.

Sue stands at a bathroom sink, playing with water and a plastic spoon.

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