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"Autism Is A World" (Clip 1)  

“Autism Is A World” – Clip 1 Transcript

Sue Rubin stands at a bathroom sink. Sue is using a plastic spoon to play with water running out of the faucet. She fills the spoon with water, dumps out the water, and turns the faucet back on to refill the spoon.

Gerry Wurzburg: Sue, can we sit down this morning and remember we talked about talking about some things this morning? Can we do that?

Sue: All right.

Sue exits the bathroom and sits on the couch next to a female companion and across from Gerry.

Gerry: Ok.

Sue begins typing with the aid of her companion using a method called facilitated communication.

Sue’s companion (speaking aloud what Sue types): N.O. Now is P.E.R.F.E.C. Now is perfect.

Gerry: Ok.

Sue: All right. All right.

Gerry: Can you describe what your world was like before you were able to communicate? Can you describe that for me?

Narrator (in Sue’s words): Autism is a world so difficult to explain to someone who is not autistic, someone who can easily turn off the peculiar movements and actions that take over our bodies.

Sue continues to type.

Sue’s companion (speaking aloud what Sue types): I think I was lost W.A. in some way. I. K.N. I know I I was R.E. go ahead. T.A.R.D. I know I was retarded. M. E.A.N.I.N meaning I acted like my worst N.I.G.H.T.M.A.R. acted like my worst nightmare? Y.E. yes.

Sue takes the communication device away from her companion and closes it. She bumps fists with her companion.

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